Surviving self-isolation may not be as easy as you think. Amidst the craziness at the moment, it is imperative to try and keep yourself sane. While I can’t get you out of isolation, I can offer you tips on how to survive it.

surviving self-isolation

‘Re’ Words

Of course there are plenty things to be worrying about but worry never served anyone so try and carve out a bit of time where you put aside your concerns and practice words that begin with Re-. Relax. Remember. Reflect. Reconnect. We could easily get caught up in the chaos or we could use this time to slow down and give ourselves what we haven’t in our ordinary chaotic lives.


Now, I don’t know about you but there are a few neglected ares in my house that I always complain I never have time to do. I’m not saying spend the next few weeks spring cleaning your house from top to bottom but wouldn’t it feel good just to give half an hour a day to tasks you’d otherwise not have time for. I recently read a book that shows you how you can get your home in tip top shape with minimal effort (now that’s my kind of cleaning). It’s called the Organised Mum Method (TOMM for short – I love a good acronym) and what is so cool about this is that is can be used by anyone. Don’t forget to keep yourself clean too. A soak in the tub is totally possible now that you have more time.


I have a list of books as long as my arm that I keep putting off. What’s great is this can be a family activity. Those of you that are, or will be, home schooling your children, can make learning fun by picking the right books. What’s great is any reading is considered good reading so dust off the Dr Zeuss or Roald Dahl and inspire your children to read books they wouldn’t ordinarily read because they are trying to get through the set curriculum.

Fun Fact Friday
Learning can be fun


Now I’m not saying sign up for an online course and try and complete it amidst the uncertainty ahead. Unless that’s what you’d like to do. No time like the present. What I mean is open yourself up to learn something new. Whether it be finding out more about your family. Perhaps you’ve always been interested in extreme ironing. Yes, that is a thing. Why not learn a bit more. If you would like some random, yet interesting facts delivered straight to your feed, why not follow my Facebook page. Every Friday, I drop an interesting fact bomb that will blow your mind.

Mental Health

Surviving self-isolation is not just about your physical health. I implore you to pay attention to your mental health too. Even if you have never had an issue before, being removed from society can have a dramatic effect. I have already started seeking out more positive news stories, which I have tried to share to my Instagram stories. I will also be doing a follow up post on some great resources to help protect your own mental health.

Be Kind

I hate that people need to be reminded of this. Unfortunately, I think we have all witnessed how selfish people can be. In this time, choose to be kind. This could be something as simple as making a quick call to a friend or colleague to see how they are. If you can volunteer to drop off groceries to someone less able to shop, go for it. I have noticed that when I help people it instantly lifts my own mood. This of course goes back to the protecting your own mental health (see previous point). Try it.

What top tips do you have for surviving self-isolation?