Those of you that follow Pretty Savage over on Facebook or Instagram will know that every monthI run a competition called #SavageDeeds. I encourage you to make the world a better place by showing mi various things you are doing and tagging mi. And by doing so, you get to win some Pretty Savage prizes. On the 31st October, Pretty Savage has it’s birthday! In celebration of this milestone, I’ve put together a very special Compeition!

2020 Sucks!

In the current situation we are all facing, our environment has fallen by the wayside and people are creating more waste than ever! Let’s face it, things are strange and scary and exhausting! I for one have found it difficult to even get moving some days. But, I do wonder if we will look back on how the situation was handled with pride or regret. This month, , I am encouring you to think about how you can make simple changes to lower the waste generated as we head into the end of the year.

How Can I Enter?

Entering couldn’t be simpler, Head over to Facebook or Instagram and post a photo of your face mask. I am not talking about the single use kind of face mask. I’m talking about the cloth kind. The one you can chuck in the wash. The one that has that cute design you loved. The one that was made by your cousin’s best friend. The one that matches your favourite coat. You get the idea? You will need to tag mi (so I can actally see it) and use the #SavageDeeds.

What can I win?

I’m glad you asked. Since Pretty Savage’s birthday falls on the best day of the year (Halloween of course!), I have put together some truly wicked prizes that, honestly, I wish I’d bought for myself. These are all handmade right here in the UK by some really talented ladies. The lucky winner (drawn at the beginning of November) will win:

A bar of my award-winning Schweet Savage
A ghostly garden ornament from Dwyryd Ceramics
A witchy embroidered hoop from Cat and Magpie
A pair of spooky earrings from Jazzy Menagerie

What are you waiting for. Go make the world a beautiful place.

If you have any questions, do drop mi a line at keepitclean@pretty-savage.co.uk