The path to a great Savage Soak is never easy. Mastering the perfect natural bath bomb takes some time. I have an unbridled sense of experimentation when it comes to soap. I don’t mind the wasted batches trying to perfect a swirl or get a colour the right shade. No, soaps, to mi, are not difficult. They challenge my design process and my patience but I just love it. Of course, what goes perfectly with a good artisan bar of soap? Well, the not so humble bath bomb, although I choose not to use that phrase (more on that in another post).

I am a part of a few soapy groups on social media and I have, on more than one occasion, read about bath bombs being the spawn of Satan and that anyone wanting to attempt them should just quit while they are behind. Trust me, that is exactly what I contemplated doing. Batch after batch of disasters. Warts, cracking, no fizz, not enough scent, too much scent, too oily and the list goes on. So I gave up and focussed on my Savage soaps. I was happy with that because I tried bath bombs and we just weren’t friends. We can’t all get along right?

Then someone said something that sparked something. ‘When things get complicated and you want to give up, strip it back to the basics’. Of course! I was trying to pack too much into the bomb/steamer that the poor thing didn’t know it’s function. So I went back to the only two ingredients you need for a bomb and built up from there. Slowly I added some colour, then some fragrance, then I discovered the magic Savage ingredient. I wanted to add something to make skin soft without the oil floating on top of the bath. Now something you may not know is that when you add oil to a bath bomb. you need to add another ingredient to stop it sticking to the sides of your bath. As you know, Pretty Savage just isn’t about adding a load of ingredients when just one will do. Enter bentonite clay.

Bentonite is used quite often in face masks for its ability to gently absorb oils. What it also does is leave your skin so very soft. This means you can have a bath and you won’t be wiping up that dreaded oily ring. And finally, I had managed to create a bath bomb that was not only natural but it actually served to leave your skin better off than before you got in the bath. And so the Savage Soak was born. Of course, each soak is packaged in the usual recycled card boxes to minimise our footprint on this planet.

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