This post is a slight change of pace. With the weather causing some of us to be housebound across the country, it is nice to sit back and enjoy a nice cuppa with a biscuit or five! What’s better than that I hear you ask? Well, if those biscuits, or cookies, were homemade. As you know, I love making our soap from scratch I do also love to get stuck into some baking from time to time. But as a busy mom of two, such endeavours need to be fit on the to do list somewhere. So, with this in mind, I’ve rounded up a few of my go-to recipes which are not only quick and simple, they are really tasty too! In fact, I have made these as gifts for family members before and they all seemed to have loved them (or they are very good liars!). I have to give credit to all those lovely bakers out there that did the hard work for me and made these recipes not only easy to follow, but so delicious you’d think it took hours to make them!

For those of you that love chocolate, so I’m assuming all of you, these cookies are for you. This is a simple and easy recipe that even the kids can join in and help make these. They have a lovely chewy centre with a crispy outside which just makes you want to go back for more! If I’m honest, the hardest thing about this recipe is waiting for the cookies to cool down enough to eat them.

This recipe is one to impress visitors. The jam adds a lovely pop of flavour to a nice crispy biscuit. These little gems are perfect for dipping in your warm beverage of choice!

This shortbread cookie looks really fancy, but again, is so simple and easy to make and the result is delicious with a capital D! Handy hint: skip the pistachios and just put a sprinkle of sea salt over the chocolate dip, yummy!

So while you wait for the snow to thaw dreaming of warmer days, put on your apron, pull out the mixing bowls and hang out in the kitchen to whip up some tasty treats.