Whether you are starting your day, or ending it, Pretty Savage® is your daily reminder to treat yourself with care.


Adele Savage

Our Story

Somehow, life became fast-paced, fill with commitments and demands. Trading our time for sleepless nights and overwhelming worries…it’s time to slow down and invest in ourselves.

This investment does not need to come at the price of our planet. Looking after ourselves, and the products we use, should not be discarded like yesterday’s shampoo or water bottle.



Our Mission

Quality, effective skincare

that does not require plastic packaging.




I have set very Savage goals to tread as lightly on our planet as possible.

That is why you will not find any Savages packaged in plastic.

Instead, I have opted for packaging made from recycled materials and printed on with vegetable inks.

Ingredients are sourced sustainably and production practices aim to grow with efficiency and sustainability at its core.


Adele Savage


Each Savage is formulated and handcrafted with nourishing, healthy and thoughtful ingredients.

Pretty Savage® products exist to moisturize, nourish, cleanse and exfoliate your skin with care.



Each ingredient is carefully selected to serve a purpose in the final product and none are used as ‘fillers’ to bulk out a formula.

I want you to feel good about your purchase and that is why each batch is made with the utmost care.


Founding Story

Adele Savage


After years of watching sheer volume of plastic products being manufactured and ending up in landfill, I started researching products that did not come with the unnecessary plastic packaging.


The products I found often did not deliver the results I desired, were extremely boring or demanded a lot more time from my already busy day so I ended up drifting back to their plastic counterparts.


This did not sit well and I decided to do something about it. Using my chemistry background, I began experimenting with countless blends of oils to create what is now the core range of handcrafted Savage soaps. The product range soon grew to include Savage soaks (which can also be used in the shower), shampoo bars and even plastic free home fragrance. Each one emulating my core philosophy of making quality and effective products that do not require plastic packaging. While having a bit of fun with it too!