Day 9 of #Marchmeetthemaker probes the story behind the name Pretty Savage. Well, to start with our family name is Savage so I knew I wanted to use that but I was torn between a few names. I knew I wanted something a little edgy and a little fun to reflect my own approach to life. I was torn between a few names that came up and wasn’t too sure what to do.

I am part of a lovely business network of ladies who truly support each other and I ran a few name ideas by them. They were honest with their feedback and after a poll, Pretty Savage won by a landslide and the rest, they say, is history.

I have to admit I was surprised that Pretty Savage was the one they chose but I am glad they did. I couldn’t imagine a better fit.

Want to know what I would have named it if it weren’t for this group? Would you believe Savage Suds? What do you think? If you had to vote, which one would you have chosen?