What?! Making soap isn’t all glitzy and exciting I hear you ask… of course I am really #livingthethuglife when I get to make soap but just between you and mi, there is one aspect of making gorgeous homemade bath products for you lovely people that is just a touch less thrilling. That is the clean up. Not for the reason you might think.

Coming from a lab background I am used to cleaning up as I work so when the analysis is done, there is little left to clean up. Not only because I don’t like a mountain of cleaning but also because it is good practice to not leave anything lying around that doesn’t need to be there as they could pose a safety risk (I am a bit of a stickler for health and safety). Now when it comes to making soap it’s not ideal to wash up straight away. The reason for this is cleaning up before saponification (see previous blog post about this) needs a little time to occur. Before it happens you just have a bunch of oils stuck to your spazz-tulas. And putting oils down your drains aren’t the best idea.

So clean up goes against the habit I have developed over the years but for the sake of our drains, it is best to wait a day or two. The plus side is the mess does smell good!