Today’s March Meet the Maker challenge prompt is whether or not Pretty Savage is a full time or part time gig. This is an interesting question since I think any new business owner will tell you it’s almost impossible to every ‘switch off’ from the business to do list. It has been the subject in many a community discussion. However, for the sake of this exercise, my answer would be that Pretty Savage is a part-time endeavour.

My day job is being a research technician at a leading London university. I am fortunate that I do really enjoy the challenging work of academic research and I am surrounded by amazing colleagues who make this job even better. And to make things even more amazing I have a great boss. He allows mi to grow and excel in my position and makes it really easy to want to go the extra mile to move the research along as fast as we can. This is definitely not a story of wanting to quit some soul-destroying job. In fact, if anything this job feeds my soul in a completely different way than the way Pretty Savage does.

So why Pretty Savage I hear you ask?

Quite simply, I love my family and everything I do is with them in mind. Commuting to London on a regular basis means my two young children have very long days at school and nursery respectively. I think what I want is not unique and a lot of parents would probably echo this next sentiment. I just want to be more available to our children. I would love to help with homework and get them to after-school activities and offer them great school/home balance. So, with any luck, you wonderfully amazing people out there will help turn this side hustle into a more full-time affair.

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