It’s no secret our world has quite literally gone to hell in a handbasket. People have lost their jobs, their sanity and their loved ones. We are all grappling with what is our current reality. Whether that is figuring out your future beyond lockdown, coming to terms with trying to teach your kids anything, (like anything at all) without yelling or threatening to call their Head Teacher. Maybe you’re just trying to keep your mind from dropping into the swamp of sadness. With all that is happening, we can’t deny that this is completely unimaginable. So, after a few weeks of this new normal I’ve learnt a few things. Here are my lessons learnt in lockdown…

Lessons learnt in Lockdown 1: I love my family but…

it can be really tough looking at each other all day every day. There are fights and tears which really just highlight how difficult this is for everyone. When your youngest insists eating the toilet brush is an acceptable meal idea, you know you’re in the thick of parenting during lockdown. I am sure I’m not a dream to be around with repetitive calls to wash hands or shouting ‘don’t touch that!’ and ‘2 metres!’ when we go for our daily walks.On the flip side, however, when have we ever (like ever!) had so much time to just be? I am amazed daily with all the little things we miss when rushing from one thing to another. Of course, with extra time, comes extra boredom, which is why I have launched my kits. Of course, you can’t craft all the time. You might have seen I posted on my social media about a rad book I have found with a TON of games to play to make even the most mundane days pass by with a bit of fun. You can find it here.

Lockdown Lesson 2: I’m not a teacher

I consider myself a fairly patient person but teaching a six year old is a whole other test of my mettle. I spent loads of time downloading resources that I thought would be fun and educational and some of them have largely gone ignored. Then there are days where she can’t get enough of the teaching and I am amazed at how flippin’ smart she is. I’m so grateful to the school and the sharing of online resources like Twinkl that provide some cool learning ideas and live lessons from their Facebook group.What I do find helps is to have a couple of different options and give them the choice. I think, like us, our kids just want to feel like they have a little bit of control over this crazy situation. That, and unashamedly using bribery to get activities done. I have been known to promise a Savage Soak in exchange for homework completion. And honestly, some days it’s just not worth the hassle and we don’t do a darn thing. That is just fine with mi. Schoolwork can wait, love can not.

Lockdown Lesson 3: I thought I was busy before this

Have you found since being at home, you have even less time to get things done? You’d think that being in the house all day would allow for more time to get through things. Maybe I’m just really bad at time management but between home lessons, working my full-time job, washing, cooking, cleaning and all things Pretty Savage, I have less time than usual. And I think that it may be for the best. Too much time to think and be lost in thought could potentially be a dangerous thing.

Lockdown Lesson 4: TP doesn’t roll up as fast as it unrolls

Seriously. I can’t tell you how many rolls of TP I’ve rerolled since this began. My two year old is a Savage ninja. He can unroll half a roll in 2 seconds flat. I am considering signing him up for the Guinness Book of Records.

Lockdown Lesson 5: This is unique to everyone

I read a quote somewhere saying that we may all be in the same storm but we are not in the same boat. This rung true because this really is affecting everyone in so many different ways that there is no one solution helping anyone get through. Having put together some happy (and some sad) gift sets over the past few weeks, I have realised that this has a million different effects on a million different people. The only thing I can say is choose kindness and music. Music has truly helped mi get through the darker days. So be sure to put on your favourite jam, turn it up and disappear for a few minutes. You’ll feel better for it.

Lockdown Lesson 6: Gratitude

Most of all I’ve learnt to be grateful. Grateful for our home. Relieved we have food. Happy we have our health. Grateful that no matter what we have each other. I am also so grateful to you. For taking the time to read this post. For each and every customer, follower, subscriber and friend that let’s mi escape into soapy heaven making all things Savage. Words could not describe how happy I am to receive your orders, feedback, comments and support during this chaotic time. I can only hope that you have as great support around you too! And if you’re having a tough time, please drop mi a line. I may not be able to solve the problem but I promise I will listen and send you a virtual, socially distant hug.

Keep safe people and know that eventually it will be over and we can get on with all the things we haven’t been able to do. Until then why not hit mi back with your lessons learnt in lockdown.