When you run your own business, you tend to get caught up in a lot of things and I noticed, while I always had an eye for details, I became even more meticulous. Anyone who has started working for themselves, will probably agree than you pour your heart and soul into every aspect of the business and you want things to be more than perfect.

That being said, the prompt in today’s March Meet the Maker challenge is detail or close up. When this prompt came up I knew I had to tell you a bit more about our logo. Be warned if you hadn’t noticed a few things before, you will not be able to unsee them after this next paragraph.

When getting our logo designed, our amazing designer at Green House Media showed her eye for detail in including my love for skulls in a more ‘delicate’ way but hiding it in a graceful butterfly. If you haven’t noticed this before you’ll be forgiven as we do use our other logo a lot more. But our designer didn’t stop there. She added our signature PS into the body of the butterfly to further enhance the look of the logo. Of course, I’ll be the first to admit I am somewhat biased towards our very own logo but it really was love at first sight when this landed in my inbox.

This really does cement our ethos of trying our best to work with small companies that also pour their very best into every single thing they do. When you give business to a small company you help them achieve their dreams.