The fourth prompt in the March Meet the Maker challenge is Tools and Materials. While you can read all about our ingredients I thought I’d tell you more about our trusty tools.

I have to admit, I do get excited when I get a new bit of kit to add to my every growing pile of soapy tools. Some of them are hard workers and others only come out on a special occasion. Although, making soap is ALWAYS a special occasion. My trusty stick blender is my knight in plastic armour when it comes to mixing the soap batter. He makes light work of any soapy situation. I have no idea what I would do without him and hope he stays willing and able to mix for a long time to come! Another absolute must in Pretty Savage’s soap kitchen is our colourful spatulas. Cheap and cheerful but they do help get every last drop of soapy goodness out of my pots and jugs. Leaving soap behind is sacrilege and should be avoided at all costs.

Funny things can happen in the Pretty Savage HQ.

I read somewhere that placing some bicarb in silicone moulds and popping them in a warm oven helps lift particularly ‘sticky’ scents. I thought I was clever and did the same with a few spatulas. Well, it went a bit wrong and that is how our, very loved, spazz-tulas were born. They still work just as well but I don’t think they will be hanging out in the oven anymore. As you can see I am still practicing my #SavageFlatLayPorn.

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