The penultimate #marchmeetthemaker mini-blog talks about support. As a brand new business it helps so much to know where to turn to when you need questions answered, advice or even just a little pick mi up on the bleak days.

When it comes to the first two, I always turn to my Facebook groups. The wealth of knowledge these individuals possess is beyond measure. And the fact they are (mostly) willing to share that knowledge is ridiculously awesome of them. I know I have probably asked many a stupid, or even repeated, question and the groups’ members have been very patient. As a result of this I do try and give that support back. It can be difficult sometimes when things are busy but I do add my little bit where and when I can.

For the down days, I am fortunate to be surrounded by some very supportive people. My husband always has a positive thought to share, my daughter thinks the things I make are made from magic and my mom blindly believes I can not put a foot wrong. I think she has more faith in mi than I do! I know why she is like that though, after having kids myself and watching them grow and experience the world, I truly understand how any mom would think their kid is the best. And it is this support that reminds mi each day how lucky I am to be able to do what I do and can grow from strength to strength with them having my back. I can only hope I return the favour enough for them to know how much I believe in them!