Day 29 of #marchmeetthemaker asks about the most difficult make. Funnily enough it isn’t soap related. I have an unbridled sense of experimentation when it comes to soap. I don’t mind the wasted batches trying to perfect a swirl or get a colour the right shade. No, soaps, to mi, are not difficult. They challenge my design process and my patience but I just love it. Instead my most difficult make is the (not so) humble bath bomb/shower steamer.

I am a part of a few soapy groups and I have, on more than one occasion, read about bath bombs being the spawn of Satan and that anyone wanting to attempt them should just quit while they are behind. Trust mi, that is exactly what I did. Batch after batch of disasters. Warts, cracking, no fizz, not enough scent, too much scent, too oily and the list goes on. So I gave up and focussed on my Savage soaps. I was happy with that because I tried bath bombs and they didn’t like mi which was fine. We can’t all get along right?

Then someone said something that sparked something in mi. ‘When things get complicated and you want to give up, strip it back to the basics’. Of course! I was trying to pack too much into the bomb/steamer that the poor thing didn’t know it’s function. So I went back to the only two ingredients you need for a bomb and built up from there. They are still very simple which make them perfect little building blocks to make your own bath/shower time experience unique. Want a gentle, quiet, relaxing soak in the tub, add one Savage. Wants a loud, colourful, crazy bath or shower experience add two or even three together. Mix and match colours and fragrances to create your own unique blend. The options are endless. Ok, not quite endless, there are 64 different combinations if you use two bombs and 512 if you use three bombs.