Today’s post for #marchmeetthemaker says that anything goes. My mind came up with sooooo many ideas but only one really sat right with mi. Today I will not be talking about soap, bath bombs, music or balancing work and family. I’d like to talk about another fierce mom taking on the world and doing her thing. Her endeavour, though, is a far more noble one. Not only is she is raising her gorgeous son single-handedly she is also raising an amazing non-profit organisation.

Their Voice helps survivors of trafficking get back on their feet. You read right. Trafficking! Why is this even a thing in 2019? What these women had to endure is unspeakable, yet, Their Voice raises awareness and provides support for these ladies. The support they provide to victims involves providing basic necessities such as clothing (and some exquisite welcome baskets) to emotional support and even goodies for their children and babies. How empowering must it be for these ladies to not only have their freedom but to also be able to provide for themselves and, quite often, their children – things we take for granted every day.

I could write a thesis about all the good that is done through Their Voice but why don’t you head on over to their website and hear about it from the horse’s mouth. There you can read more about events they are hosting, stories from survivors and how you can help.