#marchmeetthemaker day 26 talks about self-care. What do I do to chill out? If I’m honest I am probably the worst person to ask this. I am constantly on the go. If it’s not my day job or Pretty Savage then it’s the kids, housework and errands. When I sit down I feel as though I ‘should’ be doing something since there is always something to do. I won’t bore you with my to do list but it is pretty much neverending. However, I know that downtime is a must so I do try and work it into the schedule somewhere. Whether it be having a sneaky soak in the tub or a quiet cuppa before everyone wakes up, I do try and do a few small things to force mi to slow down.

I am ashamed to admit that we have not had a holiday in about 13 years (nope, no honeymoon either) so I am making it my mission this year to plan a small family getaway so we can all unwind a little and have a nice change of scenery. In the meantime, we are lucky enough to have a lot of green areas around us and we try and walk quite a bit (this practice did hibernate for the Winter though).

We do try and take in a few concerts too, which in my humble opinion feels like a holiday anyway. Music always soothes my soul and I feel extremely ‘zen’ after watching some cool bands. The picture above is when I met my main band Boo! at a very rare gig in London. It looks like I was saying something intelligent but chances are I was just spouting some nonsensical somethings about how much I love them or something to that effect. I could wax lyrical about this band for days but I will spare you. I was a massive 8 months pregnant there and looking at that photo I do wonder how I even managed to stay upright with that bump but there was no way I was missing that night. And I am so glad I didn’t.

What do you do to unwind? I am always open to some tips and ideas!