Top tips or advice is our day 23 prompt for #marchmeetthemaker but I want to take a slight diversion from this and say a very happy anniversary to my parents. They have been married for a whopping 25 years today! They are an unbelievable source of inspiration and strength to mi and I wouldn’t be able to let this day go by without acknowledging the best role models I’ve had in my life. They are kind and wise and strong and all the things parents should be. They have shaped mi (even when I resisted) into who I am and for that I am grateful. This sort of leads into my advice to anyone starting out in business, not necessarily soaping, just any business really.

Don’t be a prick. There I’ve said it. Being kind and helpful attracts kind and helpful people. And believe mi, you will need help. The saying no man is an island is so true. Through some of my groups I have met, and collaborated with, some of the nicest and talented people. I hope that I can repay this kindness along the way so it grows and us small businesses find ourselves bathed in support instead of drowning in solitude. So I will say it again… don’t be a prick. Life is hard enough for people without you making it worse.