Today’s #marchmeetthemaker wants to know about my design process. Honestly, I think this may be the shortest post ever! A lot of my soaps are designed around a fragrance combination (as is the case with LL Cool Savage) or a colour (have I mentioned black recently?) I am drawn to. Some other soaps are to keep things simple (Me Cocoa Savage or Shea-dy Savage) for those who don’t want to colours.

I am working on a more artisan range, the first of which is our House of the Rising Savage which will be launched next week (how exciting!) and that required a bit more planning. It started with an idea to have a soap that reminded mi of the sunsets back home, so I started scribbling and experimenting and eventually this guy came into being. I have an ever-growing pile of papers with some scribbles on them so hopefully there will be more of these lovely guys to come.