Today’s #marchmeetthemaker reflects on how Pretty Savage came into being. Let mi lay the scene… It was a dark and stormy night… Ok, ok, the story didn’t exactly start like that.

I was on maternity leave with my second real life Savage offspring and I started dabbling in a few things like shower gels and body butters. In my day job I am used to being quite busy so it seems having our second little one left a bit of a gap in my day – I know, I’m crazy, I’ll admit it here! I was intrigued by how soap was made so I bought a kit. Little did I know it would spark an addiction I simply couldn’t satiate. The design options are endless and I think I have an ideas list so long I don’t know if I will ever get them all done! I thought the best way to fund my journey into the rabbit hole would be to start selling these little bars of bliss. I have always wanted to follow a more entrepreneurial path but never knew what it was I wanted to sell. I did not think cosmetics would be it but it seems that both myself and our wonderful customers seem to enjoy the Pretty Savage wares.

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