Gosh #marchmeetthemaker gets mi thinking again! A dream collaboration means different things to mi. My influences are far-reaching but are mainly musical so it would come as no surprise that I have  list of bands as long as my arm who I would love to make soap for.

Anyone who knows mi, knows my favourite band EVER is Boo! A south African band whose music speaks straight to my soul and while I know a lot of people may not get them, I really do. So I have a whole Boo! range of soaps in head that I may make one day in honour of this talent!

Of course, it doesn’t stop there… I am a true nineties-naughties child loving acts like Marilyn Manson, Eminem, The Offspring, Bad Religion, Cradle of Filth, Slipknot, Limp Bizkit, The Prodigy, Nirvana, Bush, Foo Fighters and true to my South African upbringing, Die Antwoord, Wonderboom, Skwatta Kamp, Knave, The Narrow, Newtown Knife Gang, Bittereinder, Jack Parow, Chromium, Fuzigish and… about a million other acts that I have failed to mention here. Seriously, music is life!

Now, I’m going to give you another take on dream collaboration. I got to thinking, what if I could have someone working with mi permanently? Like in Pretty Savage HQ, all the time? Well, the first person I would think of is my husband. He is so much fun to be around with his wicked sense of humour and he could also be the permanent muscle when I am moving around my big bags of ingredients! I know some people would probably kill their partners if they worked with them and I won’t lie, sometimes we drive each other nuts (I think it’s pretty darn normal to make each other crazy sometimes) but I reckon, for the most part, it would be pretty darn cool having him help with all things Savage. Plus he makes a mean cup of coffee, which, let’s be honest, when you are burning the midnight oil, it is a necessity.