Monday morning and #Marchmeetthemaker has us reflecting on lessons and mistakes. Starting up a business offers a steep learning curve. Opening a business in the cosmetics industry makes it even steeper. The amount of regulations alone would be enough to put people off even trying. However, I’m a tenacious so and so and decided to take the plunge.

However, before that happened, there was learning to make soap. I would like to share one of the biggest lessons I learned back when I was a super soaping newb! My husband and I were working on making a rainbow soap. Yes, I have roped him in on many an occasion to help and it is pretty fun working on a project together. All was going well in the beginning stages, lye was added to oils and the batch was split into the different jugs to add the various colours for the rainbow. I added the fragrance oil and as we were mixing the colours the batter started getting thicker and thicker. I quickly poured each colour as fast as I could into the mould but one in particular seized up really fast!!! So we decided to try melt it back down, they are oils right? Wrong! We popped it back in the pot and started heating it up. Well, this is a typical beginner error. Heating it up only made it seize up even quicker. I hadn’t even heard of hot process soap before that day and it turns out here we were making hot process soap by accident. Needless to say, I have grown a little as a soapmaker and the picture above shows a far better behaved batter that has been split into colours to make our very popular Four Rusty Savages.

The learning never ends, of course, and I won’t bore you with the amount of batches of soaps and bath bombs that were epic failures. But from failure comes perseverance and determination to turn it into a success. Let’s use this week to celebrate our mistakes and enjoy what we are doing right!