I’ve come to the conclusion that a lot of these #marchmeetthemaker prompts are designed to make mi waffle on about my soapy addiction. What am I working on? Well, loads actually but I’ll keep it brief…

I have a private event coming up to help treat some well-deserving moms to a some lovely goodies. I am also working on going to a few more fairs and festivals. One coming up in the summer that I am quite excited about. The Handmade Festival with Kirstie Allsopp in September. This is a biggie in our calendar and we are looking forward to hanging out with the some of the country’s finest makers!

Before all the event excitement I am working on the final bits before launching our very first bath bomb/shower steamer range. Labels are currently being designed and printed, packaging ordered and, of course, ingredients delivered to be transformed into these little Savage bombs!

Want to combine some Savage bombs with Savage soaps for a lovely gift set? We have got you covered! Contact us if you’d like to know more.