If you ask any small business owner what their goals are you will get any number of responses, which I am sure following the #marchmeetthemaker will show you. My goals range from the small and mundane, like being able to set up and manage a financial spreadsheet or maintain my own website to the ridiculously ambitious, like being the next Jo Malone. One thing I am doing is working on a more realistic business plan so I can achieve some of the many goals floating around in my head. Part of which will be to share the knowledge I have gained with those new to soaping and, of course, to add to my own knowledge bank. I think the more you learn the more you find there is to know. There are as many goals as there are ways to achieve them so prioritising them is key to achieve success.

My motivation, however, is a lot less complicated. As you can see from the picture it’s no secret my motivation is my gorgeous family. They are my biggest cheerleaders, they are my soapy guinea pigs and they are the reason behind this side hustle. When I reach a goal, they reach it with mi and the feeling is of achievement is multiplied with them by my side.