#Marchmeetthemaker asks how I gained my soapy skills. I think a lot of soapmakers are self taught and I am no different. I started with a kit and made the most basic soap. After that came the YouTube videos. So many YouTube videos!!! Royalty Soaps is a major addiction of mine and because Katy is so free with sharing information I managed to work out a few recipes that work for my own style of soaping. Of course, some of my soapy community peeps are simply lovely and have helped with many different things from recipes to labelling and even marketing. These are the people that make what could be a very lonely process so much more enjoyable.

What is lovely about making soap is that once you have the basics it opens up so many possibilities and you never stop learning. I have so many ideas up my sleeve that I could make so many different kinds of soap.

I am hoping to impart some tips in the coming months (once I get up the courage to make videos) to help other new soapmakers start up. I believe in paying it forward and hope it will give other people the opportunity to grow.