Photography. Todays #marchmeetthemaker speaks about photography. Sadly, this area is not my strength! I have managed to fumble my way through taking (semi) decent pictures for the website and social media. I have taken all my shots on my iPhone (gasp!) but the goal is to get a decent camera that can take better close ups of our Savages and possibly some videos to show you lovelies how things are made.

The picture above shows the corner of my homemade light box that snuck into a picture I was taking of our soon to be launched bath bombs. Definitely not one of my better shots! I have to be very careful about how I angle my shots to avoid catching the bits that don’t have white paper over it. It’s a lot trickier than you would think! But us small timers have to get quite creative when starting up. When you run your own business you wear many hats and one of these product photographer.

Do any of you have any great tips for product photography for small businesses? Let us know!