Our hands are so important to us small crafters. We work them hard to create the things we do. So it’s only fitting that today’s #Marchmeetthemaker asks about our hands at work. While I actually don’t have pictures of my hands making soap (probably because most soapy designs require mi to work pretty fast) I have been working on our very first bath bomb/shower steamer batches and got hubby to take a few snaps.

This just illustrates how important our gloves are. Can you imagine how long it would take for that colour to wash off my hands?! I have to admit it is really cool to watch white powder turn into bright colours at my own hands so while soaping will always be my first love, these bombs sure are weaseling their way into there too.

The pictures are the making of Dharma and the Savage, our hot pink bomb. My daughter got to try out a little one last night. I think she (not so) secretly loves than mom keeps her in bath bombs!

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