While reducing waste is hot topic right now, it is something we take VERY seriously at Pretty Savage HQ. Today’s #Marchmeetthemaker asks how we are reducing waste. We do what we can to make sure that the production and packaging of your favourite Savages does as little harm to our environment that we reasonably do.

This starts with the manufacturing process. When making your favourites, we clean up using tea towels to avoid throwing an unnecessary amount of paper towels away. Where we have to use paper towels (which is VERY rarely) we use paper towels made from sustainable sources. We don’t think the purpose of a tree is to be used to wipe up mess. Most of our processes don’t use energy but where we do, we proudly use green energy so we know Mother Nature is respected. Our ingredients are also sourced in a responsible way and our suppliers are always looking at ways to reduce their plastic waste too. At worst, we reuse or recycle the unavoidable plastic we do receive.

We also sourced accessories for our soaps that are earth-friendly. Our soap dishes are glass so they should last a long time (forever if you don’t have butter fingers!) and if they don’t they can be recycled. Our Bagnificient Savage is made from super-soft (and sustainable) bamboo. All accessories are also made right here in England by some pretty talented people.

The packaging we use for our Savage soap and bath bombs/shower steamers is made from 97% recycled materials. Of course, we encourage you lovely people out there to reuse the boxes but if you can’t we do ask that you recycle them. Our labels are also printed on 100% recycled card and printed with vegetable dyes to keep things extra environmentally-friendly. Any new printing and packaging options will try and meet the highest standards where possible. Lastly, we also refrain from printing out invoices or packing lists for our smaller orders so there is less waste.

While we are far from being completely waste free we doing everything we can to move that way. We are always open to new tips and idea on reducing waste and being kind to the earth so if you have any, let us know.

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