Handmade soap is growing in popularity and it’s no wonder why. Looking after your skin is pretty important, right? It is, after all, your biggest organ. While we think our soap is downright awesome, here’s 10 reasons why we think so:

1 Ingredients

When you buy an artisan’s handmade soap, you can be sure they think about each and every ingredient and it’s role in the final product. No ingredients are added to ‘fill’ the soap. Here at Pretty Savage, we like to call all our ingredients ‘thoughtful’.

2 Glycerin

A beautiful by-product of the saponification process (see previous post about this) is glycerin. The fancy word for this is humectant. This basically means it draws moisture to your skin, which is why your skin doesn’t feel as dry after using handmade soap.

3 pH

The pH of handmade soap naturally sits between 8-10. Not only does this mean we don’t need to use a preservative, it also means that bacteria won’t grow on soap. The pH is just not conducive for their survival. Neat isn’t it?

4 Choice

With all the wonderfully talented soapmakers out there, you are spoilt for choice. Instead of going to your local supermarket and selecting from the same boring old options, why not consider buying from a local soapmaker instead?

5 Less Plastic Guilt

You want to go plastic free or at least try reduce your use of plastics but you’re so busy that it slowly slips down the priority list. And then the plastic guilt kicks in every time you throw away yet another shower gel bottle. So many soapmakers also work on eco-friendly packaging options. This could range from paper cigar bands, recycled soap boxes (like we do) or even selling soap naked. So not only do you get an amazing bar of lovingly handmade soap, you get to alleviate your plastic guilt at the same time!

6 Supporting Small Business

Buying from a small business means; a more personalised service, it boosts local economy, you actually know who you are buying from and don’t forget the happy dance (yes, I still do one with every single order). Don’t forget the dreams you get to make come true.

7 Furry Friends

We don’t test our products on animals. Nothing more to say about that.

8 Sexy Accessories

Another cool thing about buying handmade soap are the awesome accessories you can get. These range from gorgeous soap dishes to soft bamboo soap bags. Did you know our accessories are also handmade by other small businesses. Double win!

9 It Cleans

This may seem obvious but it must be said. Handmade soap cleans rather well. And soapmakers are pretty smart people, did you know that different combinations of oils can impact the cleansing factor? Pretty rad!

10 Every Day Luxury

You work hard and often it is difficult to squeeze in a little bit of quiet time. Just a little moment to chill and relax. Having a little handmade bar of soapy magic in the shower/bath will make you feel like you are treating yourself every day!