I’ll admit today’s #Marchmeetthemaker is one I’ve been dreading. It is the one where I talk about mi. While I could talk for days about many subjects, this isn’t one of them. So here goes….

I was born in Zimbabwe but moved with my mom and grandparents to South Africa when I was a few months old. My mom was a single mom who did everything she could to give mi the best life. Whenever I feel sorry for myself I always think about the strength and courage she showed raising mi and I snap out of it fairly quickly! My Nana and Grandad were always around and I loved spending time with them. I was very close to my Nana. Probably because we are so similar in temperament that we just got each other. I have her signature tattooed on my left wrist so whenever I look at my watch I think of her and remember to slow down.

My mom remarried when I was 11 years old and not only did I gain a dad, I got a sister too. My sister was the super cool one that chauffeured mi to night clubs before I got my driving license and took mi to dye my hair purple for the first time (much to my mom’s shock and horror!). My dad is exactly what you would want from a dad. Strong, fair, honest and has the best hugs a girl could ask for.

When I was in my early twenties, I met my, now, husband. We have grown up together and because of it, not only do we love each other, we LIKE each other too. He is my biggest fan and gives mi strength when I feel I have none. He is also the first to call mi out on my BS but will defend mi to the bitter end. There is a sense of peace you get when you know there is someone that has your back unconditionally. After being together for a good few years we took the leap and got married.

We had our first child and shortly thereafter we made the big move to England and quickly settled in Caterham, a lovely town with enough bustle to keep it interesting but enough quiet to raise a family. Our second child followed which completed our Savage crew. We now live in a state of blissful chaos while we try and raise our family and our little homemade business.

The picture I’ve used is from Christmas last year. We have a family tradition of going to Tulley’s Farm Christmas every year and this was a shot of the four of us on the santa sleigh ride. In fact, we have already bought our tickets for this year. What are your family traditions?