This is the first of the March Meet the Maker challenge. I hope you enjoy the next 31 days getting to know Pretty Savage a little bit better. I will be putting together a bite-sized mini blog post to cover each of the prompts with a little taste on our social media platforms every day so be sure to follow Pretty Savage on Facebook and Instagram to get our daily tidbit fresh from our HQ to you!

Today, March 1st is dedicated to my favourite soap to make. You would think this would be a simple one to answer but I love all our Savages and choosing just one feels a little rude to the others. However, the nature of the challenge is to follow these prompts so here goes. I think I may have to choose Schweet Savage. The reason for this is simple. It comes out perfect every single time. There is a certain comfort a soapmaker has with a recipe that just behaves as expected. I don’t need to worry about it unexpectedly moving too fast or overheating while it gels. It just does what I need to to do every time. Not to mention that black is (predictably) my favourite colour! This does make it very easy on the eyes. In addition to this it has the lovely shea butter as a key ingredient and that just adds a wonderful luxurious texture to the soap.

I do have to give a special mention to Four Rusty Savages. This soap challenges my design skills every time I make it. It seems every time I make it, I play with the design. Admittedly, some of these designs are more successful than others. This is why whenever you order one of these bars you never know what it will look like!

So there it is. Tune in tomorrow for another installment of #marchmeetthemaker